Vanderpoorten bvba, established 75 years ago, is specialised in the primal cut of porc.

Vanderpoorten is synonym for


We constantly deliver the highest quality. We consider this as a matter of course.


A smooth and punctual service. We listen to our customers and their questions, and respect the agreed delivery times.

Short chain

Our focus is on the long-term outlook from farmer to customer.

Customer oriented

We are doing everything possible to meet the wishes of customers who demand more than the standards imposed.


Our farmers

We consider the relationship from farmer to final product very important. In order to have a  good end product, good care and procedures start with our farmers.

Therefore, we strive for long-term relationships with professional pig farmers. Our cooperation should reinforce each other.

Together with our farmers, we ensure high-quality products, tailored to market demands and produced according to the highest standards of food safety.

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Proces bereiding vlees illustratie

Our production flow

Our quality system makes our chain transparent and verifiable.

In this way, our industry demonstrates that we work responsibly and reliably on high-quality pork.

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Our pigs

Meat trade Vanderpoorten has Duroc d’Olives, IFS Food, ACS, BePork, BVI and Febevplus pig.