Our production process


The farm

Pigs of the right quality are purchased through our selection of farmers. We only work with companies that supply high-quality products that have been produced fairly.



The farmers take the animals to the slaughterhouse as quickly as possible. The slaughterhouse differs depending on the location of the farmer. Slaughter is carried out as animal-friendly as possible (which is important for the quality!)



After slaughter, the animals are collected for cutting. The animals are unloaded, automatically roll off the lorry, and thus arrive at the correct processing chain, nicely sorted.
The pig is then further processed. Large pieces are divided and boned. Some pieces go straight to the freezer, others are cut up and divided by weight. Where necessary, the pieces are vacuum-sealed and packed.
All professional cutters are specialised in their type of cuts.


Quality control

Our quality plan checks every step in the production process on various parameters, from raw materials to shipment.
Food safety and hygiene are important cornerstones when processing meat. All this is monitored by its own quality department and periodically checked by the Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain.



Domestic deliveries are made using our own lorry fleet. In this way, we can guarantee our quality all the way to the customer. This also ensures smooth deliveries.